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Sean Shaw is a proven fighter for the people of Florida. In his historic 2018 campaign for Attorney General, Sean fought fearlessly for bold policies that put regular Floridians first. Now, as an attorney and civic leader, he’s continuing to stand up for working people.

Sean Shaw made history in 2018 as the Florida Democratic Party’s first African-American nominee for Attorney General. Sean’s progressive platform sought to expand rights for consumers and hold fraudsters, corrupt politicians, and special interests accountable. The election results proved the momentum for his candidacy: over 3,000,000 Floridians voted for his bold agenda, more than any other candidate for attorney general in state history.

Earlier in his career, Sean was an independent watchdog for the public as the state’s Insurance Consumer Advocate — working to protect consumers from price gouging and insurance fraud. Every decision Sean made was centered on what was best for consumers, not wealthy special interests.

Elected to the State Legislature in 2016, Sean continued to fight for consumers, and championed equal rights and equal opportunity for all.  As an attorney in private practice, Sean fought for victims of the BP Oil Spill, ensuring families and businesses — whose only fault was having an unlucky address — get what they are owed.

Today, Sean continues advocating for working people and is respected nationwide as a leader in the fight for economic and social justice. In 2019, he founded People Over Profits, a non-profit organization dedicated to standing against corporate influence and fighting for the rights of everyday people.

Sean is a graduate of Princeton University and the University of Florida’s law school. An attorney at the law firm Vangard Law, Sean lives in Tampa.

People Over Profits

People Over Profits is centering a new conversation to put working people first. Founded by Sean Shaw, it is fighting for those who work the hardest, not those who can afford to speak the loudest.

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